Tips On How To Fix Windows Task Manager Shutdown Menu Is Missing


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    In some cases, your system may generate an error indicating that the shutdown menu for Windows Task Manager is missing. There can be several reasons for this error.

    windows task manager shutdown menu missing

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    How do I enable the shutdown button in Windows 10?

    Press the Windows key and type: gpedit. msc and press Enter as well. In the Local Group Policy Editor, navigate to Computer Configuration> Windows Settings> Security Settings> Local Policies> Security Settings. In the right pane, find “Shutdown: Allow system shutdown without logging in to sistem ”by double-clicking it.

    A few days ago, almost all of my friends They told me that when this person presses the power button in the lower left corner of the dedicated Windows 10 Start menu, the sleep, shutdown, and restart options do not always appear. The power button menu is definitely empty, as shown in the screenshot below.

    In Windows 10, it happens that some knobs, icons or options disappear in a strange way, like here. This is usually more useful after upgrading or upgrading Windows 10. But don’t do it for such minor issues. You can recently follow this guide to restore missing options for standby, shutdown, and even restart in every Windows 10 Start menu. There are two ways to do this.

    • Method 1. From the Group Policy Editor.
    • Method 2: through the registry editor.

    Method 1: Restore Missing Power Changes In The Start Menu Using Group Policy Editor

    Tips. If you are using Windows ten Home, this method will not work for you, because Windows Home does not come with a local group politics.

    Step 1. Open the Group Policy Editor locally by typing gpedit.msc in the menu search box.

    When I press the power button option missing?

    How do I restore the power settings? To restore missing power options outside of the Windows Start menu, run the System File Checker and test. If that doesn’t help at all, edit the registry, also known as “Use this Group Policy” – remove and deny access so you can enable Stop, Restart, Hibernate and Hibernate commands. This post explains everything.

    Step 2. In the left pane, expand User Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, and then click the Start menu and taskbar. Then on the right, find Uninstall and shutdown, restart, prevent hibernation and disable hibernation policy and double click on it.

    Step 3. Select Not Configured and Disabled, click Apply, then click OK. Changes take effect quickly without rebooting to support Windows 10.

    Why did my power options disappear?

    Many users have reported various forms of missing power schemes, such as discovering only a balanced power scheme and not having a high performance power scheme. It could be due to a damaged system or a recently installed Windows update that likely changed the registry or power settings.

    Step 4. Now open the start menu and you will find that the shutdown, restart and sleep options are missing.

    Method 2: Recover Without Power Options From The Start Menu Using Registry Editor

    Why shut down option is not showing?

    Check Group Policy Settings If the Shut Down button is grayed out or unavailable on the Start menu, it could be due to incorrect Group Policy settings. Therefore, with some practice with the correct settings, you can quickly fix this problem. Close Group Policy> restart your computer.

    This method works for all editions of Windows 10. Use the Registry Editor with caution. The registry is a very complex part of Windows. Errors can cause a particular system crash. But don’t worry; If you strictly follow the parameters below, you are not mistaken Live.

    Step Step 1. Open Registry Editor by creating regedit in the search box on the Start menu.

    windows task manager shutdown menu missing

    Step Go to the next command in the left pane.

    A few steps: change the data value from 1 to 0 and click OK.

    Step 7. Close the registry editor. Log out and log back in for the changes to take effect. After you’ve logged into Windows 10 and pressed the power management button in the Start menu, you will most likely see the Sleep, Shut Down, and Restart options.


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

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