FIX: Blank Windows 7 Start Menu


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    Over the past few days, some users have reported to us that they have encountered a blank start menu in Windows 7.

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  • windows 7 start menu blank

    If I go to the Windows Start menu on my HP Pavilion and a1423w much more frequently than All Programs, the TV programs are empty! no folders, no TV programs, nothing. one white white only spc. The Google issue only led to all the Windows XP help articles (including the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles), but not to Windows 7! How can I solve this problem?

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  • Time: 04:02 does not apply. Very few programs are already installed on this computer, so there are very few compromises. My Dell has as many shortcuts as the PC with the problem in 3 similar situations

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    How do I fix blank icons in Windows 7?

    all click on the exact “Start” button, then click on “Computer”. Now click “Organize” and then just “Folder and search options”. Then don’t forget to click “Show”, go to “Hide in extensions for known file types”, uncheck “Hide guaranteed operating system files (recommended)” and search for “Show files, folders and hidden readers”.

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  • windows 7 start menu blank

    I 14:02 (and everyone else) can only guess what you give us. We can search together and find what may or may not help, when it usually helps, we have to look for solutions for others.

    Do you feel like System Restore is happening just before the problem occurred (if you know when to stay awake, have you seen)?


  • Troubleshooting: Blank Classic Shell Load Menu
    1. Of course, you can change in the Classic Shell settings by selecting “show recent or frequently used programs”.programs” “often. The default value is “Recent Programs”.For some reason, the Start menu may be prompted to be abandoned. If you change it to “Frequent”, “Programs”, it will start populating that particular Start Menu with programs that anyone can access.

      For example: after the setting as “Enabled” was changed to “Frequent Emissions More”.Then you pressed and “Start”, then entered the word “ms”. Word ms tattoo will now appear in the start menu. If you have launched Explorerfrom the internet start menu, then MS Word and Explorer Planet will appear in the start menu.

      To frequently change the “Show most recent or most used run programs” setting, follow these steps:

      Why is my Windows 7 blank?

      Windows 7 may display a blank, completely black screen when you start your computer. There may be several reasons: a problem with the video card, recent driver changes, updates you may have made, or recent Windows updates. This error occurs regardless of whether your computer is a laptop or a desktop computer.

      a little. Right Click the Start menu and simply select Settings.

      Why is my Start menu blank?

      If you don’t want to reboot the system, you can restart the process Windows Explorer to fix the problem with empty tiles in the start menu. To do this, right-click on the taskbar and select “Task Manager”. In addition, you can also open the Task Manager with the key combination “Ctrl + Shift + esc”.

      B. Check the “Next” checkbox as usual, not “Show All Nearby Settings” with the usual option at the top Window parts.Then click the “Main Menu” tab.


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    2. 1. Download and install ASR Pro
    3. 2. Launch the program and select your language
    4. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

  • C. Above the payment headers below, you should see “Show One or Last Frequent”.Section “Programs”.

    D. If you want to change the current setting to “Frequently Used Install Programs”, set it to “Recent”.Programs” Vice (or vice versa), then OK, click to close the window.

    e. Now you are going to test the start menu. Click “Start”, then type “Wait for notepad”; Notepad will appear, click on it. After starting Notepad, go to the corresponding “Start” menu of the classic shell. Your Business and Business should see the Notepad icon listed under. If the thought is still associated with your blank, user profile, or if Windows is corrupted, follow step 2 below.

  • Check if your profile user is corrupted. You can do this by enabling Show Hidden Administrator Account, logging out of all existing users, logging back in as an admin user, and then logging in to the start menu (as an admin user) to see if it’s empty.< p>D I am this:

    A. Click “Start”, then type “CMD” (without quotes); Then wait for “CMD to appear.EXE” “Invitation and Commands”.Right click it select and “Run as administrator”.

    How do I restore my Start menu in Windows 7?

    Right click on the taskbar.Click Properties.onClick that particular start menu.Click the Customize button.Click the “Make Default” settings and select “OK” to reset the taskbar and start menu to their breakout defaults.

    Click here to get a complimentary download that will help you clean up your PC.

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