How To Deal With Vb Type Mismatch Error?

Sometimes your computer will generate an error code indicating a vb type mismatch. There can be several reasons for this problem.


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    The VBA type mismatch error occurs when you assign two values ​​between additional different types of variables. The error you want is “Runtime Error – Mismatch 13” type. For example, if you put some text into a longint variable, try to put some text into a date variable.

    Visual Basic is well positioned to translate many ethical principles and provide functionality for data types that was not possible in previous versions.

    However, this process error can still occur and offers the following causes and solutions:

  • Reason: variable or property is usually of the wrong type. For example, aspe The one that requires an integer value seems to be unable to accept a string value unless you see that the entire string can be recognized even if it is an integer. Try
  • vb type mismatch error

    Decision. Plan to only use compatible data types. For example, an integer can always be associated with type long, a prime is always associated with type double, and a function is n. ‘any type (except that you can simply user-defined type) be assigned to a variant.

  • Reason: The object needed to be passed to the procedure as a single property or value designed. Pass a unique
  • How do I fix error 13 type mismatch?

    In Excel, go to the “File” tab on the taskbar, then left-click “Open” on the provided list. Now navigate to the desired file and select “Open” -> and “Open Return” -> “Recover” (you can also select the “Extract Data” tab). If done correctly, runtime error 13 will not only bother you.

    permission: or the corresponding property. Calling the method corresponding to the object I would call.

  • Reason: project module or expressions was used instead. eg:< /p>

     Debug.Print MyModule
  • The reason. you tried to combine traditional basic error handling with variants with error subtype (10, vbError) as example name:

    from Error CVErr(n) TO
  • Decision. Regenerate the error. You may have to match it against a built-in or custom Visual Basic error to cause that error as well.

  • The reason. CVErr’s profit cannot be converted to date. For example:

    What is type mismatch error?

    Type Mismatch (Error 13) When it occurs, someone is trying to specify a value with respect to a data type and a variable that do not match. When you declare a variable in VBA, you must define its data type and if you provide a fact value that is different from that data type, you will get a type mismatch error 13.

     = myvar CDate(CVErr(9))
  • vb type mismatch error

    Decision. Use a Select statement or a similar case construct to match a frequently returned CVErr value with a suitable value.

  • Reason. During the runtime, this error always indicates that the variant used in the expression has the wrong subtype, or that the variant contains the new array contains in the number print statement.
  • What is type mismatch in VB?

    An Excel VBA type mismatch error occurs wheneach assigner attempts to enter a value corresponding to a variable that does not have the new correct type. Variable Explanation: The associated variant can contain values ​​of any type (see first line). The Excel IsNumeric function in VBA checks if a value is a unique number.

    Decision. To print arrays, ideally create a loop that I think prints each element.

    For more information, select the question with c and press F1 (Windows) or HELP (Macintosh).

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    The Excel VBA dog breed mismatch error occurs when you try to assign a sales price to a variable that has the wrong type.

    Place the appropriate command button in the spreadsheet and add the following lines of code:

    Size a number as an integer
    set = “bike”

    Explanation: You cannot assign your own string value (bike) to an aspect of type Integer.


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

  • A Type Mismatch Error (Runtime Error 13) often occurs when using certain InputBox functions in VBA Excel.

    one . Place a command button in a spreadsheet and add the following few lines of code:

    2. Press the command button on this sheet.enter ste, line value 100 and click OK.

    To show a friendly thought instead of a type mismatch error, update the code as follows.

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    Errore Di Mancata Corrispondenza Del Tipo Vb
    Oshibka Nesootvetstviya Tipa Vb
    Vb 유형 불일치 오류
    Blad Niezgodnosci Typu Vb
    Erro De Incompatibilidade De Tipo Vb
    Vb Typ Mismatch Fehler
    Erreur De Non Concordance De Type Vb
    Error De Discrepancia De Tipo Vb
    Vb Type Komt Niet Overeen Fout
    Vb Typfel Overensstammer Inte