How Do You Feel About The Fact That There Is No Room For Error?

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors
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    You may encounter an error code indicating that there is no room for error allods. There are several ways to solve this problem, so we will do it now.

  • In 2021, there is a new unique RPG progression system where you upgrade your favorite character with potions that are usually unique for each level;
  • Each of them affects the balanced level separately. Equipment, spells, scrolls, monsters, etc. – may behave differently on each system;
  • Removed item vendors (except for getting rid of books, scrolls and Ointment Equipment); must be obtained from enemies or by quests in taverns;
  • The chance of dropping units after character death is definitely 10%. Also, the items your character equips cannot be dropped; Classes can only contribute parts from the inventory;
  • New. the witch has high damage per second, she just has less health than this particular mage; Amazon is faster and more resistant to magic than Warrior;
  • The maximum level of each skill is 110. In addition to leveling the player, this makes permanent death not so difficult, as you can quickly level the main skill without worrying about proliferation (see paragraph) next and rebalancing the endgamema–returning content;
  • Experience loss on death: 3% easy, 5-7% mechanical, hard, 10% 5% terrible, 1% quest;
  • Disabled an issue with entering low difficulty maps. For example, you can “simply” enter a character with a skill of 110 on a Google Map Lvl map; Excessive capacity growth is not an additional problem;
  • Potions that restore health must be obtained from creatures (the so-called “Antidote”));
  • Healing spells and haste spells can now only be used if you have a very limited product line (to avoid hacks);
  • Changed development balance: Mage – “Glass Cannon” with AoE; Knight – constant focus damage with very very expensive scrolls;
  • New balance without ridiculous body parameters; At the same time, “quests” for the received cards are not only imba, but also very competitive in PvP with a full set of the store.
  • Spells will be rebalanced. Player progression through spells in the form of scrolls has been changed: the smooth vertical progression of wizard stabilization is fully achieved – each spell wears a p Aggressive character, similar to the warrior stages ( mithril adamantium steel – meteorite crystal);
  • Weight balance – light armor doesn’t overwhelm your amazing character; while the weight makes the properties noticeably nimble;
  • Hail Less is now World Spell
  • Changed the balance of all monsters. In particular, magic resistance is common among trolls, ogres, mythical beasts, and demons;
  • Looks like the redundant taverns have been removed from medium and hard maps (stat potions are only available on the market in shops or endgames, not through mail quest taverns));
  • New health potions work balanced (and without delay!); slightly less processed than vanilla;
  • Two-handed weapons have become much more powerful;
  • Some spells have their parameters changed; For example, lightning now deals a wider range of damage, and smoke still burns about the same;
  • Your traits start the game naked, with only a living weapon (or staff) in your hands; The magician initially does not have a magic shield, he feels the need to buy;
  • DisableUse of multiple accounts is allowed. Signing up for Type Hut includes phone account verification through most Gmail accounts; This helps ensure that bad guys can’t just create multiple accounts;
  • New difficulty levels: easy-1-2-3 En as (denoted “medium”);
  • There are eight servers in the header; a page for each topic (to focus the community) and a variety of quest cards; Clarification for inexperienced players: At each difficulty level there will necessarily be several maps that change regularly;
  • Mostly vanilla cards (1999!) are the hat; However, they will certainly be rebalanced under permanent death. There are only two dozen maps in Revolution – the vast majority of them are classic multiplayer maps – taken from the original RoM2 main disc”;
  • All revised; maps became bugs, security holes, dishonest spots were closed (for example, gaps were also closed that allowed trolls, ogres to be beaten from hard-to-reach places). Adding new locations monster counting elements. For “simple” cards in biblical normal times, priority is given to small laid out cards (so as not to “mess” the entire population of beginners in large rooms).
  • There are various rewards for items and (money, etc.) for tavern quests, but only experience; This will make the gameplay more balanced, bringing it closer to the solo-creative RoM2 balance.server
  • One of the current builds of ZZYZX was used with bugs applied for fixes, visions, etc. ;

  • Add Market Expand (on click)

    In the era of the first “hard” level, a market was offered – on the basis of a central intermediate warehouse (Meteor). Market This – three stores can be one with a wide range. Nothing essentially changes, except that this situation takes less time to sit in this store. There arose “why the thought of disagreement: are they needed, the harder it is undoubtedly, the better …”, etc. I answer: the essential difficulty lies in where the skill is in combat. But the number of boring moments in the game should be available to put one on the page.Look, it doesn’t take much skill. Another thing is that the combinations of things with the body remain unusual compared to other parameters, so the shop peach, which lives in dangerous stores, remains relevant;

  • Permanent rebalancing related to (click game to enlarge)


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

  • Explain the whole concept – when something is really popular, players (they always get smarter and choose what can be better) – the majority finds it beautiful, and they have to choose to be nerfed. So this must be a long and endless rebalancing of the game of the deal – here the warrior is fixed here, the mage rules, there are mobs, now there are objects, there are also spells, and so on ad infinitum. Look at the game not as a gamer obsessed with winning, but as a person who wants to make the game better and more interesting. For example, when it comes to monsters, a reasonable rebuild is to not have a titanic separation between monsters. So which player had the task you can choose where to go. The more themes, the better. WhenIf some gameplay is reduced to one type of collection of creatures, it needs to be rebalanced. Previously, dragons were killed only for scrolls.

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