Steps To Repair The Source Of Event ID 50 Microsoft-Windows-Time-Service

In this article, we are going to reveal some of the possible reasons that an event with id 50 can be generated from the “microsoft-windows-time-service” source, and then I will reveal to you possible ways to try to get rid of this problem.


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    The Windows Time service for Team Work Computer Migration does not start efficiently at system startup. However, the Windows Time Provider starts with the synchronization time setting. The setting is saved in the Task Scheduler Library when visiting every Sunday at 01:00 AM time sync.

    We seem to be intermittently trying to see the following error that you should be experiencing on our Windows 2003 server farm:

    What does the time service error 50 mean?

    w32time, Service 50, time detected a time difference of more than 5000 milliseconds. It seems that the “If you are following” error appears intermittently on all Windows 2003 servers:

    The time service has a period difference of more than 4000 milliseconds for every 900 detected seconds. Time discrepancy in price can be caused by synchronization of time sources with poor accuracy or sub-optimal network conditions. synchronized and may not take time with others or clients, possibly updating the system clock. If this valid timestamp is received after the time provider, the replacement time provider will correct itself.

    One of the main servers in question is running Windows Server R2 2003 Standard Edition.

    HistoryThe network time alias is usually our primary domain controller, which is usually the primary computer running Windows Server R2 2008. Solution

    For this problem, I tried the following, will solve this problem. However, as far as I can see, I don’t see anything repeating the next day until the next day. Type

    event id 50 source microsoft-windows-time-service

    4) “located” in the “net time” field to make sure the company moved to our website’s large domain controller.

    Can you suggest any other way to fix this problem so we don’t have to manually fix it for all of our Windows 03 servers?

    I have an Active Directory domain with two domain controllers. The first DC on the server, I would say, is the 2012 forest / domain, the second one can be described as 2008 R2. The first domain controller officially recognized as pdc roleplay emulators.

    I am getting periodic warnings from Time-Service location, event 50:

    What does the Windows time Service do?

    The Windows Time feature uses the NTP (Network Time Protocol) protocol to synchronize the clocks of computers on a particular network. NTP ensures that an acceptable time value or timestamp can be assigned to the origin of requests to access and verify network information.

    The time service ID diagnosed a time difference of only %1 more than a millisecond within %2 seconds. The time difference can be caused either by synchronization with time sourceslower accuracy, sub-optimal or network conditions. The Precious Time Service is no longer in sync and cannot grant time to other types or clients to update the system wall clock. If a valid time is received from the time service provider, the time stamp resolves itself.

    Domain time synchronization consists of a second setting of the domain controller to synchronize with the /syncfromflags:DOMHIER flag. The first configured domain controller must synchronize the period with /reliable:YES, /syncfromflags:manual from a specific list of peers, consisting of a number common to all for Stratum 2 servers located, for example, in Kingdom-Uni .

    I understand why I'm showing this warning. This means that my PDC emulator unfortunately fails to sync to a supposedly reliable external time source for some time and randomly reports >5 seconds time difference in 800 seconds. It should also be mentioned that I used to use British pu from, but I get this warning more often of course. After upgrading the number to the same time servers in British universities, the information technology seems to be more reliable.

    event id 50 source microsoft-windows-time-service

    Can a more experienced girl enlighten us? Maybe it's only usually temporary? Should I ignore every warning? Is my configuration correct?

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    2. 1. Download and install Restoro
    3. 2. Launch the program and select your language
    4. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

    I should add that the domain controllers are separate servers and are installed on two separate physical VMware ESXi/vSphere hosts.

  • I can also verify that, as per MDMarra's best practice comment, VMware time sync is disabled, FilesVMwareVMware da: c:program ToolsVMwareToolboxCmd.Timesync exe status returns Disabled.

  • There's a strange new problem. I noticed the structure. Initially, the event alerting ID Se 50 occurred throughout the day at 12:30 pm. This is interesting because most of our backups are done by veeam at noon.

    Do I need Windows time service?

    Any computer that is running the Windows Time service must enable the keep-alive service for accurate time. Domain-joined computers act as time clients by default, so in most cases it is not necessary to start the Windows - Time Settings service. .

    Because I only discussed the changes that were made, I now get event id 51 instead of 50. The new warning says:

    How do I fix Windows time service?

    Set up Windows to automatically Starting the Windows Time service.Use the SC-Trigger command to start the automatic Windows Time service.Re-register the Windows Time service and restart it.Run SFC and DISM.DesCheck the time service in windows local system account.

    Time received from server. Great Britain time differs from local time by -40 seconds.

    (Or in seconds) 40. This happened more than one day in a row. I'm even more puzzled now. Of course, they never update until I intervene.

    This seems to be a virtualization issue for both you and Veeam. Something might happen if veeam supports PDCe via flight. Suggestions?

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