Notes On How To Fix C# .net Windows Service Debugging


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    If you have c# .net windows debug service on your system, this user guide should help you.

    How do you debug or test your Windows Service without installing it?

    msc with menu “Visual Studio” > > “debug” process, “Attach” and Windows service link. They also plan to use Thread. Sleep(10000) is identical to the first line call to OnStart or the debugger. Break() to help you connect before the service has done most of the work.

    Every Windows program contains a special entry point function called WinMain, wWinMain, or . Here is the difference for wWinMain.

    How do I debug a Windows Service?

    To debug the entire service, just press F5 in Ocular Studio. You can then pair it with the Stop Service in Windows Manager.

    int WINAPI wWinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HPrevInstance, hinstance PWSTR int pCmdLine, nCmdShow);


  • hInstance should be called “useful instance handle” or each “module handle”. The operating system uses an excellent value to identify an executable (EXE) file when it is loaded into memory. The instance handle is required by certain Windows functions such as loading models or bitmaps.
  • hPrevInstance doesn’t matter. It was used in 16, windows but not much, now it always sucks.
  • pCmdLine contains a string of actual Unicode string command arguments in the form .Is
  • ncmd shows a flag that indicates whether the application’s main window is minimized or maximized and displayed normally.
  • CompleteTask returns an integer value. The return value is not currently used by the operating system, but you can use it to pass a status code to a tutorial written by someone else.

    winapi configuration convention. The calling convention defines how a function receives parameters from the caller. For example, this is the order of states in which the parameters appear on the stack in. Just make sure your wWinMain function is pronounced as shown.

    c# .net windows service debug

    The WinMain function is identical to wWinMain except that the arguments are passed on the command line due to the ANSI string. The Unicode version is preferred. Is it possible to use the ANSI WinMain function even if someone compiles your program to Unicode? To get a Unicode copy of the command line argument, call the GetCommandLine function. This function returns all the actual arguments in one line. If you want the arguments to be an argv-style array, pass this to the CommandLineToArgvW.


    How does the compiler know to call main instead of wWinMain? In fact,The Microsoft C Runtime Study (CRT) probably provides the necessary implementation that calls WinMain or wWinMain.

    c# .net windows service debug

    INT WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,    PSTR lpCmdLine, INT nCmdShow)   returns 0;

    How to debug a temporary service in Visual Studio?

    Once the temporary service has started the process, it can use the debug navigation in Studio, visual to attach the process to the service if necessary. However, I have absolutely no idea how exactly to create this fictitious service to load the worker process. Show activity for this item. This will prompt you for the debugger type you want to use.

    Now that, according to the experts, you have what you need to get started and understand some basic programming terms and rules, you are ready to create a complete program for Windows.


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

  • To does crt some extra work on the main frame. In this case, all static initializers are called on the wWinMain view. While the linker can usually be found using a different entry point function, use the default function if everyone is connected to the CRT. Otherwise, this CRT initialization code will be omitted, leading to unpredictable results. (For example, when objects are deinitialized correctly. )

    I’m currently working on a Windows 10 console application and I was wondering what some main() entry points should be.

    How do you call a Windows Service method in C#?

    Open Visual Studio by choosing File > New and choosing From Project.Go to Visual C# -> “Desktop -> windows” “Windows Service” and enter the appropriate name, then just click “OK”.rightclick on an empty theme and select “Add Installer”.

    Jeffrey Richter and Kristof Nazarre, Via “windows C/C++” (2007) on page 69, states:

    Your Windows application must have an entry point function… as a C/C++ programmer, you can use two possible entry point functions:

    How do I debug a .NET service?

    Install your service.Start the main service.Open your appproject in Visual.NET Studio.Then select “Process” from the “Debug” menu.Click “Show System Processes”.In research processes, the process performed by your service.

    int WINAPI _tWinMain(HINSTANCE hInstanceExe, HINSTANCE, PTSTR pszCmdLine, int nCmdShow);int _tmain(int argv, TCHAR *argv[], TCHAR *envp[]);

    The eBook goes on to say that most of these two entry points are actually scheduled by this compiler for different entry points depending on whether the device is GUI or console, and if Unicode is used.< /p >

    I want to be able to use a good moment to inject a Win32 Console Application with Unicode, so I assume(?) that I need the _tmain version, however when I open a new project in Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and select Win32 Console Application “, then look for “Console Application”. At the end of main() contains, as I’m used to Linux:

    int in main()

    Every Windows computer program needs a main entry point. That being said, you might be wondering what the entry point is. Main entry pointAnd for any Windows program it is called WinMain. The Winmain Is experimental prototype is small to medium in size and confusing at first, but as my family and I continue to work with it, you will find it becomes much easier for them to understand. Spring We told you what it is; Now we wanted to show you! Here is a prototype for WinMain only:

    int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR lpCmdLine, int nShowCmd);

    As you may have noticed, their return type is for WinMain and will always be int. 32-bit Windows operating applications use WINAPI calling convention. This calling convention MUST be used function as distinctions, and all entry points. Now let’s talk about these parameters. As you can see, WinMain takes four parameters when starting the media. let’s see, let’s – okay?

    hInstance is an example of your application that has an instancemay be considered a one-time performance in relation to your application. instanceused by Windows as a reference so that you can use your processing application,in management,The message is an addition to other miscellaneous tasks.hPrevInstance – usually always NULL.-lpcmdline is your pointer string to store this command line.Arguments can be specified when applying the receipt.For example, if the subscriber opened Run die application and wrote myapp.then 1,exemyparameter, lpCmdLine will be 1 myparameter.nShowCMD – our setting that determines how your application window lookswill be displayed as soon as this execution starts.

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