Troubleshooting Invalid Auxpropfunc Options On Ldap Error


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    Over the past few weeks, several users have reported to us that they are encountering the auxpropfunc error.

    After an auxpropfunc error message from nearby Cyrus servers openldap imap sendmail postfix pop3.

    Error Message:

    #systemctl slapd.service state
    auxpropfunc invalid parameter invalid in specified
    ldapdb_canonuser_plug_init() sasl_canonuser_add_plugin() a Parameter failed: returned invalid

    auxpropfunc error invalid parameter supplied ldap

    #systemctl status cyrus-imapd.service
    ldapdb_canonuser_plug_init() failed Sasl_canonuser_add_plugin() only: Invalid parameter specified
    error auxpropfunc Invalid parameter specified



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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

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    ldapdb: Error: invalidparameter th

    I am alone. Mr. Trying to configure the auxprop ldapdb plugin manually built from
    Cyrus-SASL.2.1.21 to actually authenticate against OpenLDAP in RPM
    openldap-2 using stock.3.19-4 from Fedora Core 5.

    auxpropfunc error invalid parameter supplied ldap

    Apr 15 19:50:12 slapd laptop[28454]: A bug reported by auxpropfunc violated parameter
    20. 19:50:12 Laptop _sasl_plugin_load slapd[28454]: sasl_auxprop_plug_init not working for plugin: ldapdb

    Now I’m trying to figure out who “specified” the “invalid parameter” form, this is to
    fix it. Slaptest

    A non-openldap application has reported errors related to slapd.conf. According to the
    plus option, log_level in /usr/lib/sasl2/sample.Conf and didn’t give me verbose output
    when I used a Cyrus internet machine and a sasl client to test

    Contributed by Patrick Ben Kotter
    Here I’m trying to manually configure the ldapdb Auxprop plugin built from
    build Cyrus-SASL.2.1.21, test it with OpenLDAP using RPM
    openldap-2 stick . used. 3. Directly 19-4 from Fedora 5 core.
    20 19:50:12 Apr Notebook slapd[28454]: error specified auxpropfunc invalid parameter
    24 19:50:12 Apr Notebook slapd[28454] : _sasl_plugin_load on sasl_auxprop_plug_init to failMany plugins: ldapdb
    Now trying to figure out which one is consistently “providing” “invalid options” to fix the problem. The OpenLDAP utility reported all errors to
    slaptest* in slapd.conf. Also, I set the
    log_level in /usr/lib/sasl2/sample.conf and was unable to provide details
    when detailed I tried the Cyrus SASL server as well as the client to check
    the authentication being used. < br>Any tips or ideas?

    What sample content? conf? You probably didn’t specify

    log_level: 7
    pwcheck_method: auxprop
    auxprop_plugin: PLAIN ldapdb
    mech_list: LOGIN DIGEST-MD5 CRAM-MD5
    ldapdb_uri: ldap://localhost
    ldapdb_id: proxyuser
    ldapdb_mech:you digest-md5

    As you can see, I managed to specify Ldapdb_uri. I don’t see anything with
    incorrect general configuration.Are you?

    Contributed by Patrick Ben Kotter
    I want to set up ldapdb, an Alexa auxprop plugin that was hand-built from
    Cyrus-SASL.2.1.For 21 select OpenLDAP with RPM
    openldap-2 for Fedora Authentication Key Core 5.3.19-4.
    20. Notebook Apr 19:50:12 slapd[28454]: An invalid auxpropfunc
    parameter error was specified over Apr 20 Notebook 19:50:12 slapd[28454]: _sasl_plugin_load failed with sasl_auxprop_plug_init forplugin: ldapdb
    Now I’m trying to find people who have “invalid ‘specified’ parameter” to support it. The OpenLDAP utility
    slaptest has no error messages in slapd.conf. Also
    the log level I set to /usr/lib/sasl2/sample in .conf gave me no verbose output because I was using the Cyrus SASL server and owner to test the authentication< br>.< br>Notes>Any idea?

    This is definitely sample content.conf? You probably specified

    This error is not from the sample utility. The idea is taken from
    the openldap server and is one of the best if you manage to
    not explicitly configure ldapdb as a plugin (if you don’t use slapd-auxprop
    /usr/lib/sasl2/slapd.conf should fit).

    Everything seems to be in order. shows What is the debugging about the LDAP server? You
    have a properly configured proxy on my LDAP server, ldapwhoami -Y DIGEST-MD5 -U proxyuser
    -X u:user?

    Author: Patrick Ben Cotter
    19. Apr 19:50:12 Notebook slapd[28454]: error auxpropfunc invalid parameter specified
    20. 19:50:12 April slapd[28454] notebook: _sasl_plugin_load failed sasl_auxprop_plug_init for Alexa panel: ldapdb toolbox
    Now trying to figure out thread who “provided” the “invalid parameter” in what concerns
    solving the problem.

    log_level: 7
    pwcheck_method: ldapdb
    mech_list: auxprop
    auxprop_plugin: PLAIN LOGIN ldap://localhost
    ldapdb_id: digest-md5 cram-md5
    ldapdb_uri: proxyuser
    ldapdb_pw: proxy_secret
    ldapdb_mech: DIGEST-MD5
    As you can see, I specified ldapdb_uri. I don’t see anything in
    that the configuration is insufficient. Are you?

    Answer by Patrick Ben Kotter. OpenLDAP Slaptest
    utility reported no errors in slapd.conf. In addition,
    the logging level I set in /usr/lib/sasl2/sample.conf did not give our company verbose
    output when I needed a Cyrus SASL server and one client with test authentication
    Hints for an idea?

    What or can be in the sample? conf? You almost didn’t specify

    Contributed by Dan Nicholson
    Patrick, I’m assuming I have exactly the same setup as you, I
    created mine entirely with Postfix’s Book. I had the same
    problems as in openldap-2.3.x, but I think one solved the problem.
    What’s great is that the regex in /etc/openldap/slapd.conf
    works correctly. Now ldapwhoami also checks authorizationldapdb
    using the cyrus-sasl client/server utilities.

    I lied. This worked when I only had a user, one running with ou=people from. Now I have two of them, one authenticates and the other doesn’t. I am surprised. Here

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